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We get many, many, many happy people reporting great results with our products. Just about every single day…. I actually have several boxes of testimonial notes,  letters and printed emails from happy customer–friends! 


There are so many, its overwhelming to decide which to show you. So I’ve simply selected a few random reports. These are not the most spectacular. They are not the mildest. They are just an honest representation.

Our Spiritual products are made true to ancient cultural traditions.  They are spiritual. They are not based on anything scientific….. And they are combined with modern self improvement techniques. These testimonials are just a handful of the several thousand anecdotal reports we’ve received.  The customer-friends who submitted these testimonials were not compensated in any way. They were simply excited and wanted to tell us about their spiritual based results.


I need to make clear that we do not make any supernatural claims. The Power is in You and in Your Connection with Your Higher Power.... Many testimonials we receive are about winning in games of chance. There is no scientific evidence that spiritual products will assist in anything gaming related. (Except in persistence.)  The gaming testimonials are interesting but strictly anecdotal. And not typical..... Like anything in the spiritual category, it is strictly up to each individual if something resonates with you personally on a spiritual level. 


I like to meet warm loving ladies who are single when I go to the singles dance at the hotel ballroom on Saturday nights for these summer months. When I use your oils and go to the singles dance the ladies never say no when I ask them to dance. I dance from start to finish, as soon as I walk in. Your oils remind me of what my Grandmother used back in Jamaica when I was young.


Donald A. Toronto, ON      


(Editors Note: Donald has ordered 221 times so far.)

After using your candles, I won $10,000.00 at the Boat. And then I won $1,500.00 at slots. It’s strange because it came right when I needed it. I was really down to my last penny. I have had overall spiritual growth and hope with you. And my life is moving in a positive direction.


John M.  Joliet, IL

Your products and guidance have helped give me the confidence to apply to a talent show for my dancing. And they called me. My wife and I took the 12 hour drive from our home to Anaheim.  And I had 2 auditions. I am 82 years old and this is what I want to do. Thank you.


Stanley  H. Salt Lake City, UT

Yesterday I received the Remove Negativity Get Lucky Now CD. You have no idea how grateful I am for this. Today I played it 3 times. I’m trying to get my life back at 61. Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I feel a change in my life already.


Dyrthe W.  Johnstown, PA  


(Editors Note: This CD is free for all. I have given away maybe 100,000. Maybe more. And we probably have 600 unsolicited testimonials on this item alone.)

I would like to say thank you to Grandma Rosa and her staff. I received my products and started using them as instructed. On the morning of May 27th I won $16,414.73 playing slots at the casino. Thank you. All you have to do is believe and receive the gifts that are waiting for you. Again, thank you Grandma Rosa and staff!


Ray K.  Dothan, AL


Editors Note: Results not typical.

I have tried all kinds of spiritual products, but your oils are the best spiritual oils I’ve ever had.

Things just keep going well compared to before.


Derry W. Alexander, VA  


(Editors Note: Derry has ordered 41 times so far.)

I won $8,000 on a scratch off the day I decided to start wearing my new money necklace.


Eloise H.  Atlanta, GA


Editors Note: Results not typical.

Knowing some key points from the Grandma Rosa Casino Luck Guide, I went to the casino with my mom to really test some theories. That night I won $1,705.25 on a video poker quarter machine. I was pretty shocked and excited, and really just glad there is truth and valuable information in these tips.


Michelle A.  Denver, CO   


(Editors Note: Michelle is a Grandma Rosa Co. employee)

I've always felt jinxed. Thank you for showing me the way to change my thinking, change my life. As you would say. I’m also making more money at work. The energy is wonderful. I bought many of your things. Love them.


Donna Z.  Denver, CO

I wore your Lottery Buddha to the casino and as soon as I sat down I won $300. I almost fell off the stool.


Darlene L. Riverton, WY


Editors Note: Results not typical.

You really touched my heart so much. I really never had someone to be so concerned and considerate to know my circumstances and situations. My heart is overwhelmed. I want you to know I surely and truly thank God for you. He sent you to me to let me know there is still hope and I can make it, which I never had before. I can also feel the blessings coming my way. Thank you from the depths of my heart. May God continue to guide, bless and keep you on your journey to do the good work you do with good intention.


Mary J.  Irvington, NJ


(Editors Note: We do get many communications with these type of feelings. We are a little uncomfortable with this type of praise and we remind our Customers-Friends that we are a business.... A business that always strives to bring our Customer-Friends as much benefit as we possibly can. By building our Customer-Friends up and providing tools and techniques intended to help users attract what they desire.....  It is not about us.... It is the Power in You. And your Higher Power.)

Last year I was down and out on my luck with no job for a year. Everything was going wrong, like a black cloud over my head. Then I tried your products, 4 oils (Money & Success Oil, Remove Bad Oil, Remove Jinx Oil and Power & Control Oil). I used them all til they were gone. About 2-3 months later I got the job I really wanted with good pay to get help start paying my bills off. These really worked for me. Thank you!


Patricia V.  Cleveland, OH

I remember when I received that gift bag of stones around Christmas. I had a difficult boss then. And she was even worse than usual because she was having trouble with her daughter.  I remembered the note with the stones that said if someone is giving you trouble give them a blessing stone. So I gave my boss one. She was always nicer to me after that. I even got a raise when others were getting laid off.     Your products have helped us so much. 


Juana P.  Cerritos, Ca

Grandma Rosa I ordered your White Luck Mother of Pearl Necklace and I won a total of $815.00 for the month of October. My first month wearing it! Thank you Very! Much!  For providing Spiritual Products that really work! You have a permanent customer - love your products!


Venus B. Chattanooga, TN


Editors Note: Results not typical.

Wore your Powerful Money Emerald to the casino and felt warm and positive. I kept on winning and winning. Total winnings $386 in 3 hours. Went back last week and won almost $600 in 4 hours. Every time I wear it, it feels warm and great. Really great.


Rebecca R.  Seattle, WA


Editors Note: Results not typical.

I have thought about this and prayed and have found that you do give some pretty good words of wisdom. I found out that if I would have had you in my life some years ago I wouldn’t have trusted the people who used and mislead me. I’m stronger because of you.


Bettie D.  Macon, GA

I can’t believe it worked but I won $5,000 using your hot number information. I was skeptic but now I trust you.


Steve B.  Knoxville, TN


Editors Note: Results not typical.

Thank you for the Power Spell and the Power Hands Necklace (Double Power Hands). The people at work don’t bully me anymore. They don’t yell at me anymore. Thank you very much.


Kim R.  Detroit, MI

Thank you for the Power Spell and the Power Hands Necklace (Double Power Hands). The people at work don’t bully me anymore. They don’t yell at me anymore. Thank you very much.


Kim R.  Detroit,

I won $600 at a slot machine. And now I want you to get 3 more of your do it yourself ritual spell packages. Also I bought your blessing tree 8 weeks ago. I put oil on the tree each week before I went to the casino and I have won all 8 weeks in a row!


Bettie L.  Kansas City, MO


Editors Note: Results not typical.

Thank you so much for the conversation. You are spot on and I could feel your prayers. Luck is already coming to me. I just got a new home which is roomy and beautiful and filled with peaceful energy. You are right about immediate results! Thank you for all the good and honest advice. I know my luck is changing for the better! I’m so grateful you reached out to me. God bless you for all the good work you do---I know he does!


Kathleen A.  Thousand Palms, CA

Some time ago you sent me a sample of blessing powder to put in my rooms. Instead I sprinkled it in my son’s shoes since he was searching for a job and now he’s working! All of these little blessings add up!


Celia B.  Brooklyn, NY

I don’t usually write letters like this but my wife and I felt we needed to let you know something extraordinary has happened in our family! Our son has been addicted to hard drugs for more than a year. We had almost given up trying to get him help. We performed the Cleansing Negativity Ritual Spell from our home in hope it might help our boy. Less than 24 hours later, our son called an apologized for his behavior and agreed to enter a treatment program. My wife and I are still in shock, but are convinced your ritual made the difference! Thank you so much.


Martin S. & Family   Seattle, WA

Just a small note. On December 24th I played Lucky for Life Lotto and I won $15.00. It may sound like nothing, but I’ve never won even a dollar before. On January 11th my boss told me he had a “Christmas Bonus Check” in the office for me. I couldn’t believe my boss gave me a bonus. He never did before. It was for $500! I’m still in shock! Small or large, money is coming into my life from here there everywhere.


Joao P.  Boston, MA


Editors Note: Results not typical.

Since finding you, we are doing better. I received your Remove Negativity Get Lucky CD and listen to it everyday and I have to tell you I so enjoy it. I’ve seen good changes happening and had some money winnings of $1,500. I was so needing it too. It helped me so much!


Tammy E.  Waco, TX

                  (Editors Note: This CD is free for all. We probably have 400 testimonials on this item alone.)

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