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Which Lottery Numbers you should always play and which Lottery Numbers you should never play!


Whenever you play, make sure some or all your numbers are greater than 31....   Because many people play numbers that are birthdays. And all birthdays are between  1 – 31.  (The most days you can have in a month is 31.) So if you play some or all your numbers above 31 then you will be playing different numbers than many people. And if you were to win, you will probably win bigger money. Because your odds of being the only winner are greater..... When you play all numbers 31 and below, you are more likely to split the winnings with other winners who played birthdays.  And your winnings are more likely to be less.  

How to double your chances of Winning your favorite lottery!  (I think) 


Do you buy 1 ticket for every draw?  Buy 2 tickets for every other draw instead. Then you have 2 chances to win out of the odds instead of 1.  Just make sure you are playing different numbers on each ticket. I need to consult a statistician but I think this will instantly double your chances of winning.  It will definitely improve you chances. (Although they are still astronomical.) 

How to vastly improve your chances of winning a lottery!


Forget about the large multi-state lotteries. Do a little research and find the lottery in your state with the best odds. And only play that one. (Although the odds are still astronomical. They are definitely less astronomical.)  Large multi-state lotteries reach half billion dollar+ jackpots because they have extremely high odds. The secondary, state run lotteries have way better odds for a jackpot that is still a life changing amount.

Combine all 3 of these tips together and you should be way ahead in odds!    Good Luck!

If you are going to play, you might as well play as smart as possible!

These tips are different than Spiritual Products. Spiritual Products/Practice will not improve your odds in lotteries, casinos or any games of chance.)

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