Our Full Moon Ritual Prayers

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Oct 30-31 2020 The Blue Moon.  


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All our beloved customers and everyone on our mailing list is included in all Full Moon Prayers and Candle Burning.....  You have been through a lot in life. You are stronger than you think. And together with God, you are stronger again. And everything we do is intended to build you up,  support you and boost you. 


I was once in Zimbabwe Africa. I saw a man at night, sitting next to a fire, under the full moon. It occurred to me that this was a scene that has been with us since the dawn of man. And at that moment, I really felt the Eternal, Powerful, Mystical Energy associated with the Full Moon!


A Full Moon is the perfect time to perform a  Ritual Prayer. And our rituals are intended to help you attract an abundance of Positive Energy! Luck! Blessings! And a Fresh Start! These are really, really good practices for feeding the conscious and subconscious mind! And really boosting you!


When we receive an order, we automatically include you in the first Full Moon Ritual after your order. For Free. We do this for every customer by printing out your names and placing them in our ritual area. 

We also have customers who purchase, for a nominal fee, specific personal rituals. And these are performed during the same session. (We will also send you some materials and instructions so you can perform a modified version of the ritual yourself. Or at least follow along. This is important.)

And we will include any non-buyer who simply needs a boost for free. All you must do is ask.

Our rituals are live streamed so any curious party can drop in and see.

The ritual we do is one I, Steve, created. It combines the 5 steps of Ernest Holmes' Religious Science "Spiritual Mind Treatment" with the use of spiritual products in appropriate places. Below are the steps to a sample ritual so everyone can know exactly what we do.


Blessings, Steve

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This is an example of the types of Rituals we are doing for you.

So you can learn too.


 (Remember everything we do is ultimately intended to help you grow and develop yourself. We offer ritual kits so you can perform rituals yourself. Which is best. Here are the instructions that come with a Ritual Kit. (In this case this example happens to be the Money kit.)  These are the same ritual steps we perform every full moon that all recent customers are in on..... Most people seem to want us to do them instead of doing it themselves. If that is you, that is ok. But everyone should at least know how to do a ritual to change your thinking and change your life. And I have the kits ready if you'd like to start performing yourself. )


The Money Kit


Spell / Ritual / Action Prayer

Originated by Steve 





The philosophy behind your Ritual...


In creating your spell kit, we've combined age old spell casting techniques with modern "New Thought” philosophy...

Ernest Holmes' Spiritual Mind Treatment.



These are the 5 basic belief steps that are in your ritual... Here’s an explanation:



First:  We recognize that God is the divine creator of everything....   From the clouds. To a bird. To animals. To a plant.   Everything  is God's work and "of God".


Second: We understand that we personally, are unified with God... And with everything else.... And with everyone else.  Because we all are "of God".


Third:  We declare that the purpose of this ritual is a good purpose....  It is the type of goal God wants us to have.... It feels in harmony with God... And we are connecting with the Divine to develop ourselves in the right way....


Fourth:  We thank God for all our blessings including the most important blessing of all, our life...


Fifth: We release the ritual to God. The Divine will now assist you in making your goal (Or something better) become reality.


3 Grandma Rosa Rules in Performing Rituals:


1.   All our instructions are general guidelines.   As with all spiritual work, the most important thing is to Trust Your Instincts.   Listen to "your little voice".  If we say you should do your spell once a day and you get the urge to do it twice one day, then please, do it twice!  Feeling your instincts and following them is a good sign....  This could very well mean You are now connecting and working together with your Higher Power...


2.  Grandma Rosa's Spells are intended to build you up and help you develop yourself.... They are not meant to hold other people down..... Please, never try to hurt, control, manipulate or negatively interfere with other people and their free will..... Remember, all of us are "of God"...... The goal of your spiritual work is to empower you by helping you use your “Life Force” to work in harmony with the Divine. So you can move your life in the right direction for you.....  ....... We want to free you from bad energy and negative people that can hold you down. And help surround you with good energy and good intentions.


3.  Have you ever wished for something to happen, and then when it came true, you wished it never happened? ....  We’ve all had that experience... Whenever you do a ritual, you should always be open to what you ask for OR something better... Sometimes you may be frustrated because the results aren’t happening fast enough..... BUT remember, you are doing spiritual work that connects and aligns you with your Higher Power.... Perhaps there is something better developing for you and you just can't see it yet.... So please remember: Be open to what you ask for OR something developing which turns out to be better.



The Best Times to Do Your Ritual


The best time is when it is quiet and you are undisturbed.   You can do it any time of day....  I listen to calming music when I do spells. You may find that helpful also.



The Best Place to Do Your Spell


Choose the place where you feel most comfortable and secure. For most people that is a private area in their home....  The area where you set up your products to do your ritual should be a clean, flat surface. Like a table or a dresser top. You may either sit or stand while doing your spell.







The Steps to Doing Your Spell...



ONE:  Relax... Close your eyes... Take some deep breaths... Start to feel a strong energy throughout your body.



TWO:  Open your bag so you can see all your ritual tools.



THREE:  You have a bag of natural gemstones. Arrange these “spell circle stones” in a circle on your table about the size of a large dinner plate....  Something like this. 



                                     O                             O


                                   O                                 O


                                      O                          O





All your ritual work will be done inside the circle.





FOUR:  Please take a moment and think about this....  God is the divine creator of everything.... And since a creator is always, in some way, in their creation, God is in everything..... In clouds. In birds. In animals. In stones. In plants. In all things natural....   Everything  is God's work and "of God".




FIVE:  Now please take a moment and think about this....  God created You. And you are personally connected with your creator...  You get your “Life Force” from God.... Your "little voice" inside you is a connection to divine wisdom.... And through God, you are also connected with everything else too.... And with everybody else too.  Because we're all from the same creator.... Everything is "of God".  Everything and everyone has God in them.




SIX:  The next step is to write or “carve” a word into your candle.  Your candle carving tool comes taped to your candle. It is a wooden tool that looks like a pencil. Untape it from the candle and use it to carve the words “Money” along the side of your candle....  Start at the bottom of the candle and carve up toward the wick. ..... Also carve the word "God" into your candle. Does it feel like these two words go together? Is the Money you have in mind the type of Money God will support you in getting? If your answer is YES then place your candle in the middle of your spell stone circle.. Do not light your candle just yet.....   (If your answer is no, then you must rethink the method of getting Money you desire until your  "little voice" tells you that God will support you in getting it.)



                                     O                             O


                                   O               X                 O


                                      O                          O




The X in the drawing is your candle.




 SEVEN:   Apply some of the special oil that came with your spell kit along the sides of your candle. This helps prepare and dress your candle.... Next place a dab of oil on your forehead. This is intended to inspire you in a way of thinking that will help you start new. And open you up to new possibilities....


Trust your instincts. Apply the amount of oil you feel seems about right.




EIGHT:  This is a big step.... We want to remove negative forces that may be blocking you from achieving what you desire....  On a square of your gold parchment paper, write down anything that may be holding you back from reaching your goal. 


    To help you identify some blockages, think about the following questions for a moment. And write on your parchment paper anything that comes to your mind.. 



            Is there anything that often holds you down? 

Is there someone in your life who does not support you & encourage you? 

Do you keep doing things that actually work against you? 

(For example are you a person who should probably spend some time learning new things, but you really don’t know exactly how?  Or do you doubt yourself and lack self confidence? Or do you tend to chose friends/lovers that turn out to be bad for you?)


Do you feel other people are luckier than you? That you are Jinxed and they're not?

If so, do they deal with problems differently than you?

Have they become more powerful by acquiring new skills or knowledge?




Once you have a few things written down, it's time to kick these negative forces out of your life.

Look over what you have written.... Remember, you are connected with God and with everything in this beautiful world. The things written on your paper are killing your spirit...  We need to change the way you look at them, so you can handle them differently OR maybe you just need to throw them out.  Do you think God wants you to feel what is written on your paper? Ask God how to reduce or eliminate these blockages from your life...... So we can clear a path for you and make this ritual work....



At this point how you eliminate these blockages is between you and God... Look them over. You may have to call someone and apologize for something....  Or you may have to start looking at something that is a blockage differently. So it is now a big learning lesson that you experienced and no longer a blockage...




Once you feel you can/have eliminated the blockages you've written down ....


Then it's time to...  LIGHT YOUR CANDLE NOW



Take the paper with your blockages on it and put it in the candle flame. BURN IT. (Carefully.)


Now put the burning paper in the ash tray or on your plate.  DON’T BURN YOURSELF.


While it burns say, “Together with God, I am a strong person. I am stronger than this negativity.... I release this negativity. And I release myself from negative thoughts that are limiting me and holding me back. Together with God and all his creation, I am growing and developing myself in all kinds of exciting ways that feel in harmony with the Divine!”



Now all that should remain of the paper is ashes. Get rid of this negativity from your past by putting the ashes in the trash. ---  Where it belongs.



Note:   If you are uncomfortable burning your paper, you may rip it up instead.




NINE:  Locate your Saint photos. Even if your religion does not have Saints, it is o.k. in this spell..... Probably the most powerful influence in life, is to be inspired by somebody else's life..... Your saints were regular people, just like you and I.... But they lived their life in way where they felt connected with God and all God's creation.....


Mother Cabrini built 67 orphanages and schools in her life. She was the first American saint.......


St. Martin was a great man who devoted his life to helping others.  His Mother was a freed slave from the Americas.  He became the first Black Saint.....

These two Saints want you to be successful....    Let their good spirit support you.....


Place your Saint photos face up next to your candle.



You may also place something of your own in your spell circle now.

Like spiritual jewelry, religious crosses or anything that is sacred to you.

(And won’t catch fire.)  This is a personal step. There is no right and wrong.  Choose something that means something to YOU, if you like.





TEN:  Now with you connected to all this good power, Start thinking about your Money goals. Think of the one goal that will make some good changes in your life. (The best goals are the ones where you have grown, made yourself stronger and can have the most personal influence over the outcome. And it should feel like a goal that has a worthy purpose..) Now feel a strong positive energy as you write down your goal on a square of parchment paper....

However write it like it is no longer a goal. Write it like it is already complete.

For example, let’s say you want to attract money. You write “By offering something valuable to the world, I attract money.  And then after it write down the words "or something better.”.....    And then after it write down the words “I use my ability to help others.”


So you would write “By offering something valuable to the world, I attract money,  or something better and I use my ability to help others”.


Your "little voice" inside you should feel right when you read what you've written....    If what you've written doesn't feel exactly right, write something else..... O.K. no pressure....  Try something else like “I am always learning more and attracting more money or something better and I use my ability to help others."...   As you grow and develop you may adjust your goal again and again...


Once you have something written that feels right, place the parchment paper with your Goal inside your spell circle. This is now called your realization paper. Because it is not a vague goal anymore..... It is now in progress. It is Real.




ELEVEN:  In your kit is a charm bag. Your charm bag has Money herbs in it.


Take a pinch of the herbs and sprinkle inside your spell circle.

In a respectful and humble manner, as you sprinkle you should say your realization....


Now a Second Time: Sprinkle another pinch of herbs, say your realization.....


And now a third Time: Sprinkle another pinch of herbs, say your realization.....


Because your little voice feels right when you say your realization, you can feel comfortable with the thought that you are lined up with the Divine and God is supporting you......





TWELVE:  Congratulations... You're just about finished.  Now it is time to close your ritual... Relax and take a few deep breaths...


When you feel ready, say Thank you out loud to all the Good Spirit Forces, the Saints and all you are connected to for supporting you.


And especially thank God for all the goodness in your life!


You may blow out your candle.


Gather up the herbs you already sprinkled and put them in a little pile.

(Don't put them away, you will be doing something with them in a moment.)


Gather up all your other spell tools, including your charm bag with unused herbs, and bag up your spell kit in the same way you received it.    You may hide your spell kit or keep it in a spiritual area of your home.


Take the little pile of herbs you sprinkled and put it in your hand.   Now go outside. Sprinkle or blow the herbs free. As you do this say "I am releasing my ritual to the universe"......  As the farmer plants seeds and then turns and goes away, you have planted a spiritual seed for Money in both the universe and in your own mind.... And as the sun and rain from God will grow the farmer's seeds, the magic and power of God will also grow your Money seed in both the universe and your mind. Say the words "Now I relax and let God guide it."


Because you are guided by goodness in wanting to help others and because you feel your realization is lined up in harmony with God, the forces of Goodness in the universe will now get behind you and help make it happen....



Spell Tips:


You may carry your written realization with you,  put it under your pillow or keep it with your spell kit.


Repeat the spell often. Every time you feel you want or need to.


Be open to inspiration and good ideas coming to you from all the Good forces in the world...  Especially when you are relaxed......

And be open to something different/better than your exact goals.


Be nice to others. Help people when they need it. Hug your children. The good spirit forces favor people who spread good energy around!


Blessings! We know you've done great,

Grandma Rosa , Steve and the DreamTeam

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