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We combine old fashioned spiritual products with modern self improvement techniques. We use the same type of herbal mixtures and earth based folk spiritualism that is a part of all of our common heritage and ancestral background. ....


And we help show you how to tap into a source of wisdom and good energy that is already a part of you. To help you achieve what you desire.



Q: Who is Grandma Rosa?


A: Grandma Rosa is the characterization of the classic old time Village Spiritual Lady. The kind of woman your family and mine and all our families would go to for spiritual rejuvenation and herbal based remedies just a few generations ago….. We like to say she is a part of the heritage in all of us..... And her image inspires us to provide you with old time spiritual products made true to the old time methods. And offer you sound spiritual guidance that has survived the test of time..... If Grandma Rosa feels a little familiar to you, its because you've got the folk spiritualism heritage in you! 







Q: Who is Steve?

 A: Steve is the owner. For nearly 30 years, Steve has studied folk spiritualism in the US and around the world. He says " I've been fortunate to have traveled to many countries and have, to varying degrees, observed the local folk practices in the majority of them.  But honestly, if you have an interest in this, the USA is a great place to learn. We have home grown hoodoo and root work in the Southern USA. We have a fascinating variety of Native American traditions. We have what I call European Folk Spiritualism which is usually Celtic or Nordic Wicca. And we have immigrants from all over who have brought their cultural practices with them. The number of Caribbean and Hispanic Botanicas (folk spiritual shops) in America has exploded. So we now have way more folk spiritual traditions going       on here, than most people realize. And you can find it if you look.... I'm interested in it all!  (However being American, hoodoo is our main base. American hoodoo and root work mixtures are what most of our oils, incense, washes etc. are based on.).....  My specialty is taking traditional folk spiritual practice/products and combining it with modern, main stream American self improvement methods. As unlikely as this may seem to non folk spiritually minded people, combining guidance concepts from sources like Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Unitarian and Religious Science faiths and the book  "The Secret" with traditional folk spiritual practice, really resonates with almost all traditional spiritual product users!  ....    If this sounds good to you, you will probably love our products!" 


                        "If you call it's likely you will speak with me. The phone rings right on my desk."

Q: Who are the Grandma Rosa DreamTeam?


A: We are a group of spiritual people who work hard to serve our Customer-Friends. We take great pride in the work we do, the spiritual products we create, and we genuinely care about helping our Customers.  You can reach us at 303-620-9797 Mon – Fri 9 - 6 Mountain Time.




Q: Are you psychics?


A: We are not psychics. We do not claim to have any special powers. We are the psychic alternative. We believe there is a power in YOU! And everything we do is to help you become more capable and attract the things you desire.  We support you with products, guidance, spiritual services and anything else that uses positive energy and goodness to benefit you....  Many times the people who are most receptive to trying our products for the first time are those who were failed by "psychics".... If this sounds like you, you should consider doing your own spiritual work!  We will always, always, always do everything we can in our way to help you grow and be successful in all parts of your life!

Q: What makes for a good spiritual product?

We look for a few qualities. We strongly prefer items from nature.  All our oils, incenses, powders etc. are made according to the old hoodoo traditions. With roots and herbs in them. In jewelry, we strongly prefer sterling silver settings over base metal.  And all products must have a history of use by a folk spiritual tradition. And then there is our intuition. We can't offer anything unless it "feels" spiritual to us.


And lastly, but practically, it has to be comfortably priced......

The "magic" happens when you are relaxed and comfortably integrate our products and guidance into your life. When one spends too much for a spiritual product, they put "pressure" on the product. "Magic" is much more likely to happen under relaxed and happy circumstances. So relax,  don't over spend - stay within your comfort zone,  use our products,  keep in mind our guidance, set your intentions, be happy and good blessings are bound to happen!

Q: Why do so many people seem to benefit from spiritual products?


A: This is a complex question and goes right to human psychology and theology. Spiritual products are a part of all of us. They are part of what it is to be human. We’ve all got earth based spiritualism in our ancestry. We believe there is a strength and power in you that is developed by using spiritual products and following sound spiritual guidance.


Different customer-friends interpret this strength and power inside them differently.


1. Many say God works through them when they take time for spiritual practice.


2. Others say there is a collective ancestral strength within all of us, and spiritual practice helps them connect with that strength. (After all, we all come from a long, long, long line of people who survived very difficult circumstances.)


3. Others say spiritualism is a kind of self meditation that results in the practitioner emitting a calm and positive energy that attracts good things back to them.


4. Still others say spiritual products work because the user repeats positive affirmations while using them. And the affirmations, the feeding of the conscious and subconscious mind, are reinforced with the use of the spiritual products. (Almost every product comes with an affirmation or appropriate truism.)


5. Others say that by using earth based items, such as a natural and beautiful stone, the user experiences an emotional lift because their beautiful stone was made by something greater than the hands of man. (I am not saying there is a supernatural power in the stone. It is the mere knowledge that one possesses a natural object with historical spiritual history that is beautiful and made by something greater than the hands of man that is inspiring.)


6. And lastly, some people say that it is the sound spiritual guidance that we offer with every product that is the key to people achieving such great results. And the actual products are "heritage based spiritual tools" which reinforce the sound spiritual truths.....


We think any and all explanations could contribute to the parade of success stories we hear from our Customer-Friends.... One thing is certain, spiritual products have been used since the beginning of human history. They are still being used today. And they will be used in the future. Because people benefit from their use.


Q:  I don’t know what to order - What should I get?


A:  If you’re not sure, you can order a Care Package. There is a section in the order process where you can tell us what your problems and goals are. We will discuss what you write and select the best products for you. You will love it…. Plus our Care Packages are a bargain. Because if you add up the cost of each product you receive in your Care Package individually, you will see that you saved money.




Q:  What is your refund policy?


A:  Everything we offer comes with a Full Money Back Guarantee.  If you are unhappy for any reason you will receive your money back or a product exchange if you wish. 



Q: What is the best way to use Grandma Rosa's products?


A: When You have a problem, the best thing to do is talk with God. Find a Quiet time when you are alone (no tv, no phone, no computer) and simply talk with God about your problem. And then ask God for advice and guidance.... Please do not ask for help. Just ask for advice and guidance. By honestly asking for guidance you open yourself up to receiving wisdom from your Higher Power.


Next, you simply listen. Soon you will start receiving guidance. It could come in a minute, in an hour, in a day or two. But soon you will hear Your Little Voice inside you offer you suggestions. (You know your little voice. It’s the same voice that tells you when something feels right and when something feels wrong.)


Listen to your Little Voice... Trust your instincts... It’s just like you and God, talking together.


And you can use Grandma Rosa products to support you in this.

In my opinion, this is the best way for you to use spiritual products to improve your life.


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