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By the time many of our customer-friends find us, many have fallen victim to a scam by someone calling themselves a "psychic". This could be from a "psychic" that you saw in a storefront or on television, or notified you via email or postal mail.  Please be very, very careful when purchasing this type of service. Now a well intentioned card reader who will work for a relatively modest fee is ok. The kind of situation I am speaking of is when a situation starts to feel demanding, controlling or overwhelming. Remember spiritual products (and services) must stay with in your financial comfort zone.  If someone either keeps upping the price and their promises or carpet bombs you with emails, postal mail, telephone calls etc they are not well intentioned. Growth comes from staying with in your financial comfort zone and having time to integrate a spiritual lesson into your life.  And then at your pace, you move  on to the next product/lesson/service etc.   


From the first classified ad we ever ran: "Psychics Failed you? Do your own spiritual work!" we have always stood as the psychic alternative. And often it is the folks who were burned by psychics who are the most receptive to trying us for the first time. We believe when you do your own spiritual work, you grow yourself and become more effective in changing your life. 

Bottom line on this is our often repeated credo: Trust your instincts. Listen to the "Little Voice" inside of you! You should never feel pressured or coerced into anything spiritual. Enthused maybe. But pressured or overwhelmed, no.


Because we reach out to our Customer-Friends through the traditional postal mail, we are very aware of dubious offers. Another thing we want to warn you of are Prize and Money Scams. And because these mailings rarely have a phone number on them, customer-friends who trust us will call to ask if these are real.  If you receive a notice, a telephone call, an email or anything else claiming you've already won Money but you have to pay a processing fee or taxes, it is a scam.  You will never get any of your so called "winnings"!  And after you pay a fee once, they will keep telling you you're right on the verge of getting your winnings but you need to send one more fee. This will never end until you are broken. 


Also be careful of anyone who approaches you in person and says they will split a winning ticket with you. We have heard of this several times too. They will cheat you.


One other thing I want to mention: Whenever anybody contacts you, introduces you to something that sounds really good and also tells you not to tell anyone what you are doing with them, they are up to no good. That is a clear tip off you are entering a scam relationship where they want to isolate and control you. Run from anyone who instructs you not to tell anyone what you are doing with them!


Any straight business will always tell you something such as "If you like our products or services, please tell a friend." 


And I can not begin to tell you how grateful we are that so many of our Customer-Friends have referred us to their friends and family who use folk spiritual products too!

However because things never seem to die on the internet, I must also acknowledge that there is one  review which appears from 2014 on the Google reviews.  I don't have her name, as it reads, on my customer list. We don't make predictions and I am almost always available for telephone. And also the person behind Mail Scam Alert posted. I think that was around 2012. The one complainant on Rip off Report said he never received his order. Then a few days later he made a second entry below his original complaint apologizing because he did receive his order.   He has since reordered from us.....  I don't know why the person behind Mail Scam Alert listed us on their site. This person had an Aunt who was victimized by the type of scams I just told you about.  I contacted the person and he/she won't tell me who he/she is.  As far as I can tell the aunt was never a customer of ours.????? These were several years ago now, but the posts just seem to hang around! Honestly, it’s impossible to have many customers and never have anyone write something negative on the internet.....


We will always do the best we can to make you happy. Bottom line – While we make no guarantees to specific outcomes from using our products, we offer a Full Money Back Guarantee if you are unhappy for any reason. Of course we believe in Good and Bad Energy and Good and Bad Karma! That's an integral part of the entire spiritual and metaphysical world! And we are simply not comfortable if someone bought from us and they do not feel like they received good value. 


We believe if you want to change your life, the combination of personal spiritual practice and sound spiritual guidance, including visualization and affirmations, can change your thinking and create personal growth and good life changes!    If this sounds right to you, you found us!


Blessings, Steve - Grandma's DreamTeam


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