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Here's a good point to discuss with anyone who wonders why you use spiritual products.


Do you doubt Luck Products can work? 

Do you consider the idea that something from Nature has "Good Energy" to be ridiculous? After all, a stone is just an inanimate object, right?

I do understand that.

Here's a good question. Think of a terrible, evil person. A horrifying serial killer.  Or a ruling tyrant in history who was indifferent to human suffering.  Someone who just committed evil acts.

(I don't want to suggest any names because I don't want to bring that kind of bad energy to my site. But in your mind, think of someone real. Let's call him evil person. )  

Now if you needed a pen and someone gave you a pen and said  "Oh by the way, that was (evil person's) pen. It was taken off him when he was finally stopped.... You can keep it." 


Honestly, I think most right thinking people would hand it back and say "I don't want to have anything to do with that". They would just feel a bad energy about it.  A jolt of fear.  I know personally, I wouldn't want to touch that kind of association.  And I wouldn't want it around me, going into my subconscious mind. 

This same phenomenon can work in reverse.  On some level, it is human to attach an energy to an inanimate object. And as real as the bad energy in this example is to you, Good Energy can be equally attached to a product and is equally real! ..... Especially when we match the right product, with the right guidance, to the right person,  at the right moment in their life.... When we get it all right, it's magical!.......  And that's Good Energy!

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