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We have had so many valued customers-friends. Over almost 30 years. And we have always had one simple policy: If you are not completely satisfied with any item you purchase from us, we will refund your money or give you a product exchange, if you prefer. 

We can not guarantee any specific outcome with the use of our products. No one can. But our unconditional guarantee promises our customers will be satisfied, or will receive their money back. Period. No questions asked.

As a result of this policy, we have many, many happy, beloved customers who first had the confidence to try us because of our guarantee....  And now, years later,  they are still occasionally ordering from us.  Mothers still ordering from us through the mail and now their daughters ordering on their  smart phones..... And it all started with our unconditional guarantee from day one.


If you have a question, simply ask us.

If you like our products, tell a friend. (Or an adult daughter or son!)


Blessings, Steve - Grandma's DreamTeam

-Grandma Rosa

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