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10 Instant Luck Attraction Tips

The first thing I want to say is I have noticed that people who always seem to attract Money and Luck tend to have certain ways of thinking.

And right now there are 10 things I want to share with you!

#1 The first thing I want to tell you is to watch your thoughts first. Because whatever you are thinking in life, you are attracting.

This is so important, I need to repeat it. Whatever you are thinking in life, you are attracting. And your current thoughts right now, are creating your future.

The more you think good thoughts and feel good right now,

the more you will attract good, both now and in your future.

People who attract luck and money in their life, think of doing things that attract luck and money. They then begin to expect luck and money. Soon they start making new friends with other lucky,

forward moving people. And they ultimately attract luck and money....

People who aren’t lucky, tend to be thinking of what they don’t have. And they focus on not having luck and money. When they mostly think about what they don’t have, they will probably not attract what they want. Because they are not making any changes or solving any problems... And the unlucky person tends to attract tired out friendships with unlucky and problem filled people. So think good thoughts. And make friends with others that think good thoughts! And good things are bound to develop for you.

#2 Always try to be optimistic about your future first. If something goes bad, think about how much worse it could be. I am an optimistic person and I believe we can make your future better.

#3 first when you have a problem the thing to do is talk with God.

Find a quiet time when you are alone. Turn off the TV, Radio and Phones. And simply talk with God about your problem. Ask God for advice and guidance. Please do not ask for help….

By honestly asking for guidance you open yourself up to receiving wisdom from your Higher Power.

Next you simply listen…. Soon you will start to receive advice. It could come in a minute, in an hour or in a day or two. But you will hear you “Little Voice” offer suggestions. (You know your Little Voice, it’s the same voice that tells you when something feels right and when it feels wrong.)

Listen to your Little Voice. Trust your instincts. It’s like you and God talking together. And you can use Grandma Rosa Spiritual Products to help support you in following your Little Voice.

#4 Feel relaxed and talk with many people. Many people I know seem to go from one good lucky thing to another good lucky thing. Because they are happy, relaxed and friendly people. And happy, relaxed, friendly people who trust their instincts, tend to attract more luck and opportunities.

#5 This is a good tip to share with your children/grandchildren first. I notice the luckiest people always keep learning new things and meeting new people. Invest in yourself. Learn new marketable skills. And you’ll find new opportunities and they will find you!

#6 Have courage to meet the people who are living the kind of life you’d like to be living. This is very important. It may be a little scary, but it works. You become like the people you know.

#7 Do things that are full of goodness. Volunteer. Contribute to people’s lives. When you help others get lucky, you will attract more luck. Because you will deserve to be lucky.

#8 Count your blessings every day and be grateful for what you have.

#9 Before you fall asleep every night and when you wake up in the morning, you should think the type of positive thoughts we just talked about.

#10 first because you contacted me, I believe you are a spiritual person. And you are interested in attracting good things into your life. I make Spiritual Products. In the old time way, With real Roots and herbs. I believe you will get results with my products and guidance! There are several reasons why we see spiritual products working for so many people.

Spiritual Products have been shown to give people a boost because they can have a mystical feeling that makes you feel more positive. (Especially when they’re from nature, like my products.)

And scientific studies have shown charms can give people more persistence in reaching their goals. And can help people with memory, recall, job performance, all kinds of achievement and even test scores. Spiritual products partially work by stimulating a part of our brain called the “The gatekeeper”. This part decides what you are aware of. Which leads you to recognize new ways to get what you desire!

first you should use my products. I believe you will benefit from them..

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