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How To Use Grandma Rosa Products

All Grandma Rosa products come with Roots, Herbs or Beautiful Gemstones. We think of them as God’s work. When you hold them and use them, you feel closer to God.


If you ordered a product that came with gemstones, when you are finished with that product, you may put your gemstones in a spiritual place in your home. (A place where you keep other religious items, such as crosses, candles etc.) You may also carry your stones with you….    And it’s always good to give a stone to someone who needs luck and good fortune as much or more than you.  The more you help others by feeding their spirit, the richer, luckier and happier you will be.  


Go ahead try it. The next time someone is complaining or unhappy, give them one of the Gemstones that came in your package today. And say “Here you are, this has always brought me luck.”  That person will never forget you…. And send you so much positive energy and good wishes, you can’t help but see your life improving!



Here are Product Instructions on how to use each Product:

The following are general guidelines. If you feel like doing something a little different than the instructions, you can do it! As with all spiritual work, you should Trust Your Instincts. Listen to your “little voice” inside you. Feeling your spiritual instincts and following them is a sign you are becoming a more powerful person. Don’t let anyone try to control you or talk you into something when it doesn’t feel right to you.



*These are general guidelines. If your instincts tell you to do something a little differently, do it!*

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