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Become Powerful...


Don’t let Negative People ruin your Life!


You have the Power to Control how you react to them...


Turn negative into Positive!



      Hi Again Customer - Friend


       I'm sure you’ve had bad things happen in your past... Everybody has.... 


    Perhaps you've had (have)......  a difficult childhood....   family troubles... money problems...   hurt from abuse or crime....  bad relationship/divorce....   negative people around you....    business/job difficulties....   health troubles....    the feeling others are luckier than you....   other misfortunes...


  I understand this can hurt you.   (Deeply!)    We are all only human...    And when you’re hurt, it is natural to feel emotional, angry and victimized......    If you’re not careful, this emotion can send you into a downward spiral of negative thinking, jinxes and bad luck. 


    Everything we do at Grandma Rosa is to help YOU be more powerful...  One way you can become more powerful is to learn how to turn a bad situation around. So you can rise up...  Become even stronger... And even become what I call a Survivor-Thriver!




4 Tips on how you can turn Negatives into Positives.


And move from Victim to Survivor-Thriver



   When something bad happens:       


1.      A victim stays very angry at someone. A Survivor-Thriver will ask themselves questions like "What part of this misfortune could I have been responsible for?" And even if they are responsible for as little as 2% of the problem, they will actually apologize for that portion they are responsible for!  Then they walk away feeling complete because they did everything they could do. There is nothing left “hanging”. And now they’re smarter and vowing never to "make that kind of mistake" again.  The survivor-thriver will get strength, power and pride from how they handled it.*



2.   A victim may blame large groups of People or God and the Spirits for their problems.  Again a Survivor-Thriver asks themselves questions like "What part of this misfortune could I have been responsible for?" "What have I learned from this?"  Then the survivor-thriver will use their Spiritual Faith to help answer these questions and help themselves be guided forward in a positive direction.... So they lose the victim thinking, but not the lesson.


3.   A victim will voice repeated regrets.  Say words like "I wish" and “if only” over and over. And make all kinds of excuses...  A Survivor-Thriver will handle a bad situation straight on, to the absolute best of their ability. They will learn from it. And absorb those lessons into their life.  So they are now a stronger, smarter and better person.


4.   A victim may feel embarrassed and shame and try to hide the fact that they met misfortune.  A Survivor-Thriver will actually get a lift from a bad experience. Because when they look back they’ll say something like "I never want to repeat that again. But I am proud of how I got through it.  And they will share their experience and lessons to help others who may now be suffering with the same troubles..     



Here’s 2 Real life stories


   Sarah from Georgia is an African-American woman who grew up in the segregated south.  Her father abandoned her family when she was young and left them poor and struggling. The “Colored Only” school she attended was bad and she quit at a young age.... Sarah grew up angry..... One day she met a woman from a similar background who had started a successful business making hair care products.  Sarah says  “She gave me some advice that changed my life.  As long as I kept blaming everyone else for my troubles, I just made myself weaker. Because I was giving everyone else the power to ruin my life!..... When I decided to take responsibility for my life and make it for myself, I suddenly took my power back...  I became a much stronger and happy person.” Sarah eventually moved to Atlanta, went to beauty school, and began a long, happy career in the hair care field.


     Barbara worked as a grocery cashier. One day a friend gave her a ride in his truck and they had a terrible accident. She was in a coma and given less than 5% chance of living.   The doctors asked her Mother to pull the plug and end her life. But her mother said NO......  

         Barbara reports  "After three months in a coma, many operations, and a one million dollar hospital bill, I woke up. At that time the doctors said I’d have some brain damage. My vocal cords were paralyzed, my lungs only had a 10% capacity, and my left leg was numb."  Over the next few months, I had many thoughts. Depression, anger, wanting to get healthy, feeling sorry for myself, wanting to live a more meaningful life, wanting to die.  

      I remember finally saying "Okay God, if you want me alive this bad then I better go do what I'm suppose to do."   I knew I would never be a cashier again.....   After a year of rehabilitation, I returned to school.  Because so many people helped me to improve, I decided to become a Social Worker and help others. I now specialize in helping people to take something that looks like a negative in their lives and see it as a positive. And in doing this, they become empowered.”

     “I have many scars from my accident.  I can no longer be physically active. I must use oxygen everywhere I go. But given the choice, I would still take the new me over the old me. I love my new life.”



    So, when dealing with your problems, always try to remember:  

YOU HAVE THE POWER to choose how you will react....  You can choose to turn negative into positive...  You can choose to be a Survivor-Thriver!...... 


        And I guarantee you will become more powerful and attract more of what you desire in your life!



                                    Blessings, Grandma Rosa, Steve and the DreamTeam



P.S.    Grandma Rosa products are tools that can help you become more powerful. By  giving you a spiritual moment everyday to help you relax and think clearly; And by giving you a boost of positive mystical energy. (That’s a boost we can all use to help move us from Victim to Survivor-Thriver!)       


      *Note- There are some very hurtful experiences in life where you can have 0% responsibility for their occurrence. Such as being the target of completely random crime, mistreated as a child etc..... Some misfortunes may require counseling....  But you always have the power to choose how you will react to it today.       




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