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Grandma Rosa - The Finest Folk Spiritual Products in the World!


 The Home of Holy Land Blessings, Full Moon Prayers and more!




Q: What is the best way to use Grandma Rosa's products?


A: This is our credo:  When You have a problem, the best thing to do is talk with God. Find a Quiet time when you are alone (no tv, no phone, no computer) and simply talk with God about your problem. And then ask God for advice and guidance.... Please do not ask for help and then just wait. Ask for advice and guidance. By honestly asking for guidance you open yourself up to receiving wisdom from your Higher Power.


Next, you simply listen. Soon you will start receiving guidance. It could come in a minute, in an hour, in a day or two. But soon you will hear Your Little Voice inside you offer you suggestions. (You know your little voice. It’s the same voice that tells you when something feels right and when something feels wrong.)


Listen to your Little Voice... Trust your instincts... It’s just like you and God, talking together....



I know it can sometimes be a little scary to listen to your little voice.... I also know sometimes people will try to push you into something and they don't want you to trust your instincts.


But you can use Grandma Rosa products to support and boost you as you listen to your little voice!


In my opinion, this is the best way for you to use spiritual products to improve your life.


Remove Negativity - Steve
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    Every First Time Customer gets a

   Free CD. We've done this for years. 

    This one is our gift to first timers           who indicate they feel a bad energy

                    It's called  

  "Remove Negativity   Get Lucky Now"

    The feedback is so good we are 

  now making it available to all visitors.

    Just click on the player above and listen.

    If it speaks to you,  then you will           probably love our type of products

                 and guidance!   



Satisfaction Guaranteed

From the first day we opened we have         always had the same guarantee. While we can not guarantee any specific outcome, (no one can)  we always guarantee you must be happy with anything you purchase or you may get a refund or exchange if you wish.

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