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Stop throwing your money away! How to increase your chances of winning at Scratch Cards!


Scratch off games are a much more planned out game than others. They are printed in a "run" or a season. Once the season is over, all the unsold tickets are taken back by the lottery authority and a new "run" is started. In each run there is a planned number of winners. This is not random. They know exactly how many winning scratchers they are printing. They have to control this. They claim the random part of the game is which stores end up getting the winners to sell.

Anyway let me use an example to make my point. A run is 1,000 cards. There is one grand prize winner and five secondary winners. This is all planned. They can't have a lot of grand prize winners per run because then they wouldn't make any money on this game. Once the grand prize winner and the five secondary winners are claimed by people that won, there is no point in buying more scratchers from this 1,000 card run. People will keep buying these cards because they think they still have a chance to win. But the winners were already sold so they are wasting their money! This has always struck me as wrong. They should stop buying cards until the next run is started and the big winning cards have not been sold yet from this new run.


Now, recently, I've been told by reliable sources that  is a good service. Because for a very small fee, as I understand it,  they will track your games for you and tell you when you should play and when you should not. They will tell you to stop when all the winning tickets have been claimed. They will tell you to play when there is a new run and the winning tickets are still available for purchase. And they will strongly encourage you to play when many tickets to your game have already been sold and the big winners still haven't been claimed! This appears to be a service which is long overdue!      


  (Note: I am not compensated by this service in any way. Just trying to assist customer-friends to play as smart as possible! ... I am not responsible for your experience. I do not know the service in detail. Please play at your own risk.


This tip is different from Spiritual Products. Spiritual Products/Practice will not improve your odds in lotteries, casinos or any games of chance.)

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