The appropriately named Richard Wiseman, is a British Professor and researcher of psychology. He has conducted some great studies on Luck, Charms, attitude and more.  His book "The Luck Factor" is a must read for anyone interested in increasing their luck!


In an extensive study of both self described "Lucky" people and self described "Unlucky" people,  Wiseman describes four traits the "Lucky" People have,  that was not nearly as present in the "Unlucky" People.


1. Lucky people tend to make the most of possibilities.

Lucky people are good at creating, noticing, and acting upon chance opportunities. They do this by living in a way where they build and maintain a little larger social network of friends and acquaintances. And Lucky people  on average are more relaxed in life. Kind of having fun. Being open to new experiences. Curious and connected. (There's truth to the old saying "Happy go Lucky".) So invariably more possible opportunities are likely to arise in their life. So they live in a way where they are more apt to find opportunity and they have a bit of an eye, a gift, for spotting it.

2. Lucky people tend to listen to their hunches.

Lucky people make effective decisions by listening to their intuition and gut feelings.  The Grandma Rosa credo is "Trust you instincts. Listen to your Little Voice". And we rarely give you a step by step instructions on exactly how to use our products. We purposely just give you general guidelines and possible suggestions. And we always encourage you to get creative with the use of our products. Our directions on how to use our spiritual products are purposely done in a way that just using our products in themselves is an exercise for you to develop the habit of being in touch with your instincts and little voice.

3. Lucky people tend to expect Good Fortune.

Lucky people are generally optimists. Over time, that optimism becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because it helps lucky people be more persistent and open.  And they are regarded by other people as being more upbeat and likable to be around.  (Which there again, can lead to new opportunities.) 

4. Lucky people tend to kind of turn bad luck into good.

One thing that struck me is that Wiseman found when something bad happens to a self described lucky person, their reaction tends to think they were lucky it wasn't worse! So they actually get a lift from something bad!  And as you can imagine, lucky people tend to not dwell on misfortune. But look for ways to exhibit control over where they will take the situation and make the most of it.

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